Is it a distance that you start and finish? And what if it never starts and finishes and it is a continuous cycle of birth and death? What if I feel that I die and I am born every day?

That’s how I feel.

What if this journey has different landscapes and characters but all of them are me? If I can not stop seeing myself and if I try harder, more intense is every face and place I visit. I visit. I am not anything more than a visitor, and that is an uncomfortable position where I feel weirdly comfortable. It is an uncomfortable feeling that it is familiar and it feels raw. It is impossible not to be aware of myself.

And is it possible that I feel part of these weird or hostile places with only singing a song in a dark and unease cave in the middle of the woods? When I sing I can feel that this cave is me. So how can I be scared? How can I protect myself? It is me!

What I really mean is that explaining the story of a journey is a fairy tale that makes the readers feel good, satisfied in their coach while they listen to the story. They feel the adventure without being there, even so much that they feel comfortable talking about it.  Even they could feel envy about it or an intense rage that maybe they are unaware of and burns inside of them. A mix of frustration, relief, the envy of being in the listener position, not really involved in it. When you are aware of all the choices you made and that every step puts you in the exact position you are in, there is peace. A peace that comes from your core. That peace feels like gratitude. Without gratitude, life feels like a prison.

And what is an adventure? For me, it is different than for you. For me, an adventure is going to an unknown territory without maps without provisions, without shelter. A territory that is unknown to me.

But all of this is an illusion because adventures don’t exist. I actually knew that nothing can be irreversible, always you find provisions, maps, and shelters, because you are there, making the steps and holding the experience. When I close my eyes and I feel my heart beating. Sometimes it feels sad, terrifying, exciting, boring. If I stay listening, underneath those feelings I feel myself. And I feel peace. I know everything is in the right place.

Magic is there for you to be built. Anytime. You just have to be ready to work and be committed. And, suddenly, Magic happens.



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