चितिः स्वतन्त्रा विश्वसिद्धिहेतुः ॥१॥

citiḥ svatantrā viśva-siddhi-hetuḥ || 1 ||

“Awareness, free and independent, is the cause of the magic of the universe.”

(The Recognition Sutras – Kṣhemarāja / C. Wallis translation)

Massage Therapy


Massage therapy as a place of recognition. Healing is an acknowledging process, a place to listen, reconnect, and find your way to integration.

Conscious Dance


Dance as an invitation. Using the vocabularies from different dance traditions to find a place of self-recognition, free expression, and physical wellbeing.

Yoga sessions


Yoga as a state of being. Honoring the classic tradition and your reality as an individual with a modern lens and a social-cultural perspective.

Life Rituals


Rituals as an invocation to your own wisdom, a way to make questions and find YOUR answers. Diving deep in your true wisdom with curiosity.

The Crow Process

This is a special program that we tailor together. It is a circular process with 4 aspects that interconnects and adapts to the moment and place where you are, with the needs and answers that you are looking for NOW.



Experienced by others.


Over the past 16 years, I have had the privilege of receiving various massages and core sessions with Antonia. She makes each session a unique therapeutic experience, based on body communication, respecting the limits, and listening to the needs of each moment.

I have a spinal cord injury that has caused me serious physical and mechanical problems from the waist down.
It has also generated many tensions in my relation and communication with my body, difficulting my ability to accept and listen to myself.

I personally, thanks to her, have experienced extraordinary moments of emotional opening, learning, healing, and reconnection with myself.


Antonia helped me a lot when I was experimenting with acute anxiety and uncertainty.
She gave me some clues to face my emotions and to adopt beneficial habits and attitudes for my health and well-being.

She helped me to find my own path to feeling better through art, movement, and breathing. What I learned with her is now part of my life.



Antonia takes you to a magical place inside of yourself.
A place maybe you didn’t even know existed. A place you always want to come back too.



Receiving a massage from Antonia is embarking on a healing experience like no other.
You literally feel the energy flowing through her hands as you get intoxicated with her powerful presence. And all with a simplicity that completely disarms you.

Highly recommended!



Working with Antonia has meant taking care of my body without reducing it and seeing it as a part of something, like a piece of meat.
It meant working with it: taking care of me, knowing me, delving into my shadows. I had tried to do the exercises that my physical therapist showed me to.
I could not cope with the trauma and memories of focusing on my injuries in this way.

With Antonia the treatment is comprehensive. It understands the springs that will activate each movement. It accompanies you throughout the process to be ready and then help you to move.



“I just did the replay of your class. Every class is like a gift, a rebirth, being aware of the peace that means to be with oneself and with you.”


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