The Crow process,

owning your shadow.

This is a journey where you decide the rhythm. It is a journey that goes back and forth and connects with life and nature. It is for you if you want to be responsible with own your choices, feel the freedom in every little step you take, and be ready to use creativity and your own wisdom. The wisdom of life itself within you.



That is the moment of the first spark, what impulses the journey. Something that doesn’t feel right or the sensation of going in circles without an understanding.  

It can be an old injury not yet recovered, as chronic pain in the back, or another physical issue that needs to be treated physically and at the same time to be listened to find the other emotional or mental aspects of it.

It can be an emotional-mental situation that we want to understand deeper, as grieving, anxiety, or depression (the psychological as well as the clinical variants). 

We focus on the body-mind as a whole and use contemplation practices, somatic movement, expressive arts as intuitive drawing and journaling to focus on our inquiry. 


This is the beginning. Learning to listen your body, your thoughts, your emotions. Learning to listen to the world, to the other.

The key is curiosity, totally open, and without discrimination. The first step is leaving behind any story that restraint our listening. We want to be able to take all in first. Later it will come the time for judging, discriminating, and discerning.

We use meditation, expressive arts, writing, earthing, and contemplation practices.

Finding the answer of the key of that unsettling sensation is a very important element and the guide to start. It is going to unfold according to the feedback that we receive.

We use contemplation practices, somatic movement, expressive arts as intuitive drawing and journaling to focus in our inquiry.


This is a key factor in the process. It is the place where we can step back and see our words, images, feelings and movements from another perspective and have an active dialogue with our own subconscious. 

We use somatic movement, expressive arts, and intuitive writing.


Maybe this is the most important and difficult aspect of this process. How can I bring my listening, my expression, my inquiry into my life?

How can I live with creativity, curiosity, and let imagination and discernment navigate my relationship with the world and others?

How do I move, how do I talk, how do I feel and think, how do I relate?

How do I live?

We use rituals, daily practice, and sensory awareness cultivation.


75 min
Skype or Zoom