Feeling stuck in my outer expression to the world. An impossibility of choosing a direction.
I see my wish of no choice as a way to avoid action and give up to fear. Today I want to climb that wall, but wait, there is no wall at all!
I use my freedom of choice, walk the hall of the previous stages of freedom and do a step forward. A commitment and show for it.
Yesterday I started to draw water colour landscapes using my self portrait as a background. I saw that I was the landscape.
“I am the landscape I travel through”
I need to stop a minute and remember the first moment that everything began. When I had that dream revelation with my mask on.
What do I need to create for myself now?
What is my expression?
What do I need to show in the most beneficial way for me and the circle?
I need to go deep in my womb, my stories, my patterns, my thoughts and beliefs to see my fears and myself.
Through all fears, hatred and no self-worth words I am still and quiet. And the embrace from my own being says “I love you”.
No. That is how I read it. Actually what this inner voice inside my cells says is “I am. Here. Now.”


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