De todas formas, yo soy otro

Juan Gelman

You decide which facet of my being is what defines me.
You decide which one is the real one, the one that represents me.
I have no control over that.
I’m just a quartz crystal with millions of different facets that not even myself I have been able to see yet. Some of them are in the shades, others in the light.
I know that when you look at me you will see some truth, but it is not the only one that exists.
There are people who always see the same facet when they look at me.
Others see a different one every time they do it.
Others, yet, choose the most difficult path.
Every time they look at me they try to see all of them and choose to look at the one that looks more transparent. They know in that little place they might see the essence of my spirit.
It’s a hall of mirrors. It is difficult to know if you are in the right position but I like the reflection that comes back to me.
I like to see the reflection of myself in those looks because I know they are showing ME. It is not always comfortable although sometimes it is comforting.
I always see myself in those looks. I always learn something from them.
But, still chuckling, I know that anyway I am another as Juan Gelman said.


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